Freeformcabs has been around since 2004. Cabochons by Shain Mayer

Shain Mayer has been hand cutting cabochon stones since he was 17 years old. Having now over 23 years experience cutting cabochons for jewelers and collectors. Shain has seen a lot but is still learning every day. New cuts, new materials, new friends, and new inspirations can be found here at freeformcabs.com. Please Join my newsletter and receive discounts for signin up!

I am looking to reconnect and find new cutters selling online. If you know anyone who can cut a cabochon and is actively selling them online. Please tell them to visit the link page on this site and submit a link for review.

Here is an example of Shain’s cabochon cutting skill.

Willow Creek Black Line Jasper Cabochons
Rare Willow Creek Black Line Jasper Cabochon (Rind Cut)

This Black Line Jasper cabochon from Willow creek was cut like peeling a potato. I had to retain a belly bulge to maintain the black lines otherwise the cabochon would of lost 80% of those patterns. However it was still cut with a flat back and 75 degree flat bevel for flat cabochon setting.  If you would like to know more about cabochons and cabochon cutting. Contact Shain and visit pages like Fundamentals of Cabochon cutting to learn more about the trade.  Also visit my personal website to learn more about me.