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Hello from Freeformcabs

Welcome to Freeformcabs.

Did you know freeformcabs has been around since 2004? Back then I tried to do things a little different than the norm and just couldn’t keep up with demand and cutting at the same time.  Funny thing is now I am going back to that format but with a lot more knowledge in the Industry as well as experience in coding and being a webmaster.

So a couple things I am trying out here at Freeformcabs is the ability as a user to sell their cabochons under my brand.  There is an approval process and not all users will be approved to sell their cabochons.

I also hope it will help those either inexperienced or under experienced to gain a foothold within the market together as cutters.

I hope it will also lead to me being able to set aside time to cut more cabochons and keep working on carving projects.

So take a moment to visit the Grind and the Feed, look at the vendors lists and shop for your favorite cabochon.  Thank you for visiting.