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    In the last few years there has been a push to use Facebook to sell ones cabochons. I have seen and read about how mixed the reviews are.

    I’ve kept a personal Facebook page for Freeformcabs but it seems part of the mixed reviews comes from people who actually follow you as a cabochon cutter through groups more often than your actual Facebook page.

    In groups your cabochons get buried or you have to jump through holes to sell your cabochons. Yet, I have hear more often how one is getting a website, making a website, or trying to move off Facebook when it comes to selling stuff. It seems the most successful “brandies” have a following based in a group format, or a offline(vendor) format they brought into Facebook.

    So I would like to keep this discussion open to Facebook users and let them ring in on experiences, pros, cons, and the likes of using just social media to sell.

    My experience as a web developer is one should still have a branded website to always work from and build content under.

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