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    The Grind is a simple forum, lets keep it informative and simple. I do not plan to open this forum up to the whole lapidary world and would like to keep it centered around cabochon cutting, guides, some identification, and market analyst. It will be meant to inform and educate the buyer and seller in the cabochon markets.

    As a member you have the ability to use your activity feed(The Feed) as a means to share in everything else. However the feed will be monitored as well for abuse and content.

    Please make sure to configure your profile so others can see who you are and also share in your daily adventures no matter what they are in the activity feed.

    you can follow other members weather they are selling on freeformcabs or not.

    Please let keep it fun and informative is my main goal. Contact me with any questions or to report abuse. Thank you

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