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    In both the Grind and the Feed you have a displayed avatar like any forum or social site. You have a couple ways to change it.

    (Please note I do have a default Gravatar setting for the whole forum. So if you use a gravatar your profile photo will be set to your Gravatar account automatically.)

    Here is how to change it locally at

    1: Goto The Feed from anywhere on the site.
    How to change profile_Cover image

    2: Hover over and click your avatar box next to the “What’s new, name?” You will notice the box collapse a little when you hover over it. (If you click on someone else avatar it will go to their profile.)
    How to change your avatar_cover image#2

    3: The profile page will look like this. Next click on the “Profile” link under activity.
    how to change avatar_cover image #3

    4: Choose the “Change Profile Photo” and/or ‘Change Cover Image” links to change these photos. Note a cover image prefers a max width and height (525x225px). You can also take a photo if you have a webcam hooked up.
    how to change avatar_cover image#4
    how to change avatar_cover image#4

    This is the easiest and fastest way to change/add these images to your profile. Gravatars are great if you like using the same avatar on several forums.

    You can also visit My Profile link to change a bit more about your profile.

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