Member Registration

Register as a member to participate in the forums, buy cabochons and share in the social aspect of this brand. Forum guidelines will be found in the FAQ section of the forums.

Vendor Registration

You can now sell your cabs under the Freeformcabs brand!
Here is how it works.

1: Register as a member
2: Go to the vendor dashboard and select the vendor checkbox and agree to the terms.
3: Wait for approval. I may contact you and ask a few questions before I approve your account to be a vendor.
4: Once approved, log in and Configure your profile, policy, and contact info.
5: Upload your products and images
6: Tell your friends

As a vendor at Freeformcabs there are a few rules and policies you will have to agree to in order to sell so please read over the full terms and conditions before registering as a vendor. Below are just simplified terms. I will have full instructions in the Grind Knowledge Base on the full process to sell you cabochons. 

As the brand manager of Freeformcabs I retain the right to refuse or cancel any vendor at any time If I feel they are not holding their customers first, or bringing the brand down in anyway.

Things that can get your account refuse or canceled.

  • Very poor quality photos (Insert link to photo tutorial)
  • Selling mass produced cabochons (sweat shop cabs) (Insert Link to show examples of these cabs.)
  • Spamming the site and/or its groups, or partners with your cabochons or items for sale.
  • Bad reviews from buyers posted online anywhere from the last 6months.
  • No bad mouthing other vendors under this brand, anywhere online.
  • Fill your orders, any cabochon order gone unfilled within 48hours will result in cancellation.

Rules: Please read the Terms & Conditions page for full details.

1: You must be the sole cutter of the cabochon. If you are not the person you cut the cab. The administrator of this website must be contacted first before listing the cab.
2: At least 1 unmodified photo of the cabochon must be included.
3: Simple Description using keywords about you and your cabochon.
4: If the Category for your cabochon is not listed, include it in your description as a keyword.

Maintain your products! If you sell your products on any other website. They must be maintained. As your cabs sell on these other sites. They must be removed from your dashboard here at freeformcabs.  If at anytime a customer purchases your cabochons and you are unable to fulfill the order within 48hours. Your account will be canceled and you will removed from all channels of freeformcabs.


This is I am sure the biggest decisions for selling cabochons on my website. What do i charge you?

1: No sign up, or store fee
2: You must have a PayPal account to accept payments on this site. You are responsible for that fee.
             *PayPal charge is 2.9% plus $.30 (usd) per transaction. 
3: Freeformcabs will charge 1.8% per transaction.
4: Shipping fee is consider Free to the buyer. Sellers are responsible for their own shipping fees. 

If you have any further questions before signing up as vendor. Please contact me